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The masses came to your site, now get them to buy stuff from you.

How engaging is your website and why should you care?

'Engagement' is open to interpretation but for the purposes of this post and in the context of a website, it means how well your site captures people's attention and encourages them to do something – be it read content, push buttons, fill out a form, make a comment etc.

So, how do you know? You can't actually measure how engaged a person is, but you can infer it by what they do on the website. And how do you measure it? - enter Google Analytics statistics

Of course you need to be clear about the goals of your website and how you want people to use it to really understand how you are doing and what your engagement statistics mean. Everything may not be what it seems at first glance.

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A landing page is any web page that a visitor can arrive at or “land” on.

It's common to refer to a landing page as being a stand alone web page that has been designed for a single focused objective in response to an advertising campaign, say from Adwords.

However, much of what makes sense for a landing page makes sense for any page on your website – particularly those that relate to your services or products. Because visitors could arrive – or land- on any page on your website not just your homepage.

So here's five you can easily apply:

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People often cry "My website gets plenty of visitors, but they aren't doing anything!" By 'anything' they mean they aren't filling out that form, requesting a quote, buying something, subscribing to a blog or whatever other action is required.

This can be very frustrating, as after all that's why you spent all that time, effort and money to get the website looking like the thing of beauty that it (hopefully) is.

The process of turning a visitor (prospect or lead) into a sale (sign up, enquiry or purchase) is what is know as conversion. Your website could (actually, no – make that should) have multiple conversion goals to support different stages in the buying cycle.

And if it's not happening on your website, the question is "Why?" and that's what this post is all about. But first things first.....

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One of the biggest challenges for any website owner or marketers is how to get more people to do something on your website whether it is buy, sign-up, download, subscribe or enquire.

Competing for that all-important attention from impatient website visitors can be a real head scratcher.  Enter pop-ups.

Historically pop-ups have a reputation as an annoying distraction, interfering with the user experience. Although they do have a bad reputation, but there is evidence that they a) work and b) done properly you can avoid annoying existing or potential customers.

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