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What our clients say...

Thank you so much for designing me such an amazing website. I was blown away with everything you’ve done. The website is the core to my business and being that it’s brand new I needed everything to be perfect and ESSENTEE mastered it.

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Essentee specialise in building and managing, websites for companies that offer services.

Financial advisers, accountants and bookkeepers, IT and telecommunications providers, tourism operators, builders, insurance specialists and not-for-profit organisations are among our clients.

You get someone who knows what is needed to make this type of site effective, not generalists who can build all/any type of site and will give you one-size-fits all advice.

For our managed clients, we only have one type of business in an industry speciality or location - so there is no conflict of interest and none of your competitors will be getting the same treatment.

We're also incredibly witty and funny. No, really! Oh, Ok maybe not, but we do like projects to be stimulating and fun for both us and our clients. Find out more about the team.

All our sites are made right here in New Zealand using only 100% organic, free range, home grown pixels.

Our marketing activities are based on local experience. Many of the methods employed in the UK, Australia or the US don't work the same way here.

Honesty is the best policy.

We won't tell you something will work just because it's the latest big shiny thing.

If you ask our opinion on something, we'll tell you. We'll also tell you the real cost in both time, money and effort, and even whether it's worth doing at all.

Focus on results

When it comes to websites we don’t believe in art for art’s sake no matter how pretty something looks.

We focus on getting things working properly.

We are very focused on results - there is nothing we like better than a client telling us they are really busy and it's all our fault.

Even though we are Geeks we don’t believe in technology for technology’s sake either. Unless it's just so cool we can't help ourselves. But even then, we don't expect you to be anywhere near as excited as us.

Great results takes time, skill and commitment

We think businesses need to be fully involved in their websites and web marketing (particularly social media).

But many business owners have been led to believe that there is a silver bullet that will magically ramp up the sales their website gets. And they only want to pay peanuts for it.

On the other hand, some businesses don't do anything to improve their woeful website and either wonder why it 'doesn't work' or just shrug their shoulders.

A great website and highly effective web marketing can be achieved. You only have to decide to do it.

If you don't have the skills and experience yourself - and let's face it, unless you are a web designer or marketer you won't - you can get help from people who do <cough> - like us.

This might not be the most 'PC' thing to say, but when people find out we build websites, they assume we do a bunch of other tech stuff as well.

We prefer to spend our time getting better at what we do - building and managing websites. To do this we need to focus our time and attention on doing that.

But this is a bit like going to your dentist for your gammy knee just because they are in the medical profession.

It pays to go to a specialist who will have all the right experience, tools and skills for the job.

So, we don't:

  • Design logos (but know people who do and will do a fantastic job)
  • Do social media - Read why we won't 'Do' your social media for you
  • Do any kind of print marketing (but know people who do and will do a fantastic job)
  • Write your content for you (but know people who do and funnily enough, also do a fantastic job)
  • Develop apps - for smart-phones or tablets. Despite what people think about this being the sure road to riches (if they do, why don't they do it?) software development is a specialist area. We know enough about it to know we don't have enough technical knowledge to offer it as a service.
  • Lastly, we definitely won't fix or help you set up your computer - even if it seems like something we would know. It's quite possible we do, but again, you should get a specialist to help as the outcome will be much more pleasant for everyone.

It means our clients get a better job done. And that makes us happy.

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P.O.Box 34588 Birkenhead, Auckland 0748

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Client words...

As a first time potential website owner who wanted some professional design input we embarked on the usual routine of web-trawling for suitable website design consultants. After interviewing the ‘top end and highest priced’ designers and the subsequently elicited ‘how much?’ responses, we found Essentee, who provide a fixed-fee service.

From the first contact we found Sandra to be attentive, focused, understanding and responsive to our unique needs.  She took away our brief and produced an initial proposal which was exactly right: simple, focused, appropriate. 

Throughout the subsequent development and tweaking, Sandra and Tony provided just the right amount of corrective suggestions such as to direct us to a solution that resulted in what, to us, is a first class website that speaks the words we wanted to say in the way we wanted it said. No dramas, no patronising, just patient understanding and coaxing.

If you are a website virgin, look no further: Sandra and Tony will ease your passage and you will emerge the other end with a smile and a beautiful new-born website!

Dave at Reveal Building Consultants Ltd