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Need to upgrade your Joomla site so it's mobile-friendly? Need some training? Want someone to update your Joomla website?

Joomla is our preferred CMS and most of our sites are built using Joomla. So if you need help updating or maintaining your Joomla website,

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We are experienced web professionals who understand the realities of doing business online in New Zealand. We specialise in service based businesses and use one of the most popular and powerful open source web frameworks in the world - Joomla!

Are you tired of spending frustrating hours reading blogs about SEO, trying to figure your CMS or relying on a staff member who doesn't really have the know-how?

Wish you could afford to employ someone with the right skills?

Wish your website actually resulted in sales enquiries?

Wish no longer

We meet business owners all the time with websites that don't get updated, upgraded or cared for at all. Websites that don't contribute to the bottom line. They're like a flash car gathering dust in the garage.

Our job is to not just build it - but to get that car out on the road!

AND, not only do we develop effective websites, then manage them after they launch we also measure how it's doing so our clients know exactly how we're improving things, what has to happen and how.

Get peace of mind knowing someone is taking care of things

If you want to be able to worry about one less thing for your business, while enjoying more sales enquiries, then read our client testimonials to see what they have to say, or just get in touch.

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Do you offer a service?

We specialise in building and managing websites for companies that offer services. So you get people that understand the particular challenges of a service based business.

You will get a website and advice that will work for you, not one-size-fits-all recommendations and solutions that don't fit.

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Performance Reviews

Want to do something about your website but not sure where to begin? Here's how:

  • Website Performance Review - what is working - and what's not
  • SEO Assessments - specifically how to improve your Google ranking
  • Competitor Comparison - so you can find out how to beat them

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Marketing Support

Who doesn't need more business? We help our clients with:

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Search Marketing via Adwords
  • Conversion Optimisation
  • Email Marketing

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Client words...

As a first time potential website owner who wanted some professional design input we embarked on the usual routine of web-trawling for suitable website design consultants. After interviewing the ‘top end and highest priced’ designers and the subsequently elicited ‘how much?’ responses, we found Essentee, who provide a fixed-fee service.

From the first contact we found Sandra to be attentive, focused, understanding and responsive to our unique needs.  She took away our brief and produced an initial proposal which was exactly right: simple, focused, appropriate. 

Throughout the subsequent development and tweaking, Sandra and Tony provided just the right amount of corrective suggestions such as to direct us to a solution that resulted in what, to us, is a first class website that speaks the words we wanted to say in the way we wanted it said. No dramas, no patronising, just patient understanding and coaxing.

If you are a website virgin, look no further: Sandra and Tony will ease your passage and you will emerge the other end with a smile and a beautiful new-born website!

Dave at Reveal Building Consultants Ltd