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A lot of web designers/developers will update your website content for you if you ask.

So how is what we offer any different?

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Got a question about outsourcing the management of your website?

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SEO Assessments

Identify areas for improvement and get an action plan to improve visibility in Google.

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You don't make your own shoes or cook dinner in an oven you built yourself.

You use a financial advisor to manage your investments, and an accountant to manage your business books.

Now you can get an expert to help you manage your website on an ongoing basis.

Just get in touch for a friendly, no obligation chat.

Regardless of what you do, whether you’re an accountant, builder or mortgage broker, you have enough to worry about just running your own business.

So just like you’d hire an accountant to file your taxes - get an expert on the job!

Maximise your investment by getting the most from your website - not just during the project, but afterwards as well.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about getting your site seen in Google. by the people who are after what you are selling.

Dodgy purchased backlinks, spammy blog commenting and spun articles don't work.

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Analytics Reports

Do you know what your website statistics are telling you?

Website analytics traffic reports will tell you what it all means and what to do about it.

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Website Coaching

Why do all top sports teams have a great coach? Website coaching is like business coaching but focused exclusively on the activities involved in managing a website.

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Client words...

As a first time potential website owner who wanted some professional design input we embarked on the usual routine of web-trawling for suitable website design consultants. After interviewing the ‘top end and highest priced’ designers and the subsequently elicited ‘how much?’ responses, we found Essentee, who provide a fixed-fee service.

From the first contact we found Sandra to be attentive, focused, understanding and responsive to our unique needs.  She took away our brief and produced an initial proposal which was exactly right: simple, focused, appropriate. 

Throughout the subsequent development and tweaking, Sandra and Tony provided just the right amount of corrective suggestions such as to direct us to a solution that resulted in what, to us, is a first class website that speaks the words we wanted to say in the way we wanted it said. No dramas, no patronising, just patient understanding and coaxing.

If you are a website virgin, look no further: Sandra and Tony will ease your passage and you will emerge the other end with a smile and a beautiful new-born website!

Dave at Reveal Building Consultants Ltd