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Management FAQs

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Can I choose what activities the hours are used for?

Yes, the listed activities are recommendations only. Activities carried out each month are based on your needs. However, a minimum amount of monitoring is necessary to understand how your site is performing.

What if I only need an hour or two?

We'll customise a plan to suit your requirements. We find that one or two hours a month work only if all you need are content updates and you are handling promotional aspects yourself.

Will you be producing content for us or will we still have to do it?

It depends on your needs. You will need to create the content because you are the one with the expert knowledge of your business.

We can arrange for writers to help you if you need it. We do re-write and re-purpose content that has already been produced.

How will I be billed?

Monthly plans are billed at the beginning of the month (in advance). Activities only commence once the invoice is paid so we recommend a direct credit is set up.

What if I don't use my hours?

They will be carried over to the next month, but can't be carried over for more than three months. We plan to fully use the hours planned, but we can get held up if content is not provided as requested.

Will I need to get you to redeveloped my site?

It's possible. If your site is not working for you the problems may be bigger than the fact that you simply don't have time to update it. Some problems such as a lack of search optimisation and a limited design require a complete redesign to resolve. But the good news is that you will have a robust platform to start a new phase with!

What if my site is hosted by someone else?

We can manage sites hosted by someone else, but what we can do for you depends on your provider and the content management system used. We prefer to host sites ourselves because then we have full access to your code and control over all aspects of the site. But we acknowledge that this may not be feasible.

For Business Partner Management, this is less important as we work with the team who are responsible for updating or developing the site.

Do you do social?

Yes and No - see Why we won't Do your social media for you.


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