How many times have you been to a website that doesn't give you the simplest facts about a product and how it can help you?


Do you know how to make sure you aren't making the same mistakes on your website?

Find out how to make your web content GOOD web content. Content that takes into account your visitors needs, is easy to read and helps them get what they want.

If people know what you are offering and how it solves their problem, they'll be more likely to stick around, engage and buy.

Download this ebook and learn:

  • How visitors to your website think
  • Tips to create easy-to-read content
  • What to do before you even start writing
  • Ideas for content sources when you're stuck for inspiration

Includes a free content planning template!

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We asked the team at Essentee to look at our website and advise the best way to optimise our website so we ranked higher on a Google search.

They suggested we arrange a competitor analysis and the end result is that it told us exactly what we had to do to improve the hits to our site.

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