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Websites are like hair. They need to be managed.

Less is More – a phrase from a poem written in 1855 and later popularized by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in describing the minimalist aesthetic. It has been adopted by minimalist fans and applied to all sorts of situations - digital marketing included.

But what does it actually mean in this context?  How should you apply it to get more bang from what is likely to be a limited buck?

Before applying the motto, one should ask what one should be doing less of, in order to get the 'more'.

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Everyone knows when a website has been hacked, right? It will have a message saying 'hacked by' – right? Wrong.

The scars might be invisible to the average site visitor and the owner not even know their website has been compromised. Think that little old New Zealand minding it's own business isn't a target? Wrong again.

How do you know if your website has been a victim of an attack ? How do you fix it? And more importantly, how do you prevent it having serious repercussions for your business?

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We asked the team at Essentee to look at our website and advise the best way to optimise our website so we ranked higher on a Google search.

They suggested we arrange a competitor analysis and the end result is that it told us exactly what we had to do to improve the hits to our site.

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