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Some say its the latest thing. We sort of disagree... the internet has always been social.

Not using social media for your business? 10 reasons why you should be!

Even today we talk to businesses that are not on social media. These typically are small businesses where the main decision maker is not on social media themselves, or they may be on Facebook but can't see the point for their own business.

It can be difficult to see the benefits without actually being there, especially as it can be difficult to measure some of the less tangible results like building trust. So here's why you need to become active on social media.

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fb f logo blue 1024A question many a small business owner asks themselves.

Unlike a lot of the advice you'll get if you Google "Facebook marketing", we don't necessarily agree that Facebook is the answer to all your marketing challenges – especially if you are a small business with a few (or possibly only one) employee(s).

Much of the advice is very generic and, just like stretch pants – one size does not fit all.

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When you setup a page on Facebook the URL will be something like

This looks pretty ugly if you were to include it on any material like a business card or email signature!

But once you’ve got 25 people liking your page you can apply for your a URL that reflects your name or business name (also called a Facebook vanity URL).

Claiming a friendly username makes your Facebook page easier to find and looks more professional. Try and come up with one that is appropriate for your brand name but easy to remember and read.

Once you claim your username YOU CAN'T CHANGE IT – so choose carefully! *

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I have crossed paths with quite a few different IT and Website development companies over the years, having worked for a large number of companies. When the need arose for assistance in my current employ, Essentee was the first that came to mind.

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