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Google Adwords – how to get a copy of your invoice

Google does not mail or email invoices, but you can print an invoice from your Adwords account.

Actual invoices are not available until the 1st of the month following but you can print a receipt from the date your credit card was charged

  1. Log into your Adwords Campaign
  2. Click on the 'sprocket' at the top right of your screen and select Billing and payments
  3. You will see a summary screen
  4. Under Transactions, click on View Transactions and Documents
  5. This will list campaign transactions
  6. You can either click on the Automatic Payment, or the Invoice listed further down the screen under 'Documents'
  7. How you print depends on your brower, but using Firefox, it is a right click, select 'Print'
  8. Either print the invoice, select your PDF writer from your printer list, or you can save it as a PDF
  9. Then OK or Save (depending on your browser).

If you select the Automatic Payment it will show as a Payment Receipt rather than an invoice.  The invoice has a bit more detail on it.

Note: Adwords click fees do NOT include GST, so you cannot claim any on these charges.

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