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People often cry "My website gets plenty of visitors, but they aren't doing anything!" By 'anything' they mean they aren't filling out that form, requesting a quote, buying something, subscribing to a blog or whatever other action is required.

This can be very frustrating, as after all that's why you spent all that time, effort and money to get the website looking like the thing of beauty that it (hopefully) is.

The process of turning a visitor (prospect or lead) into a sale (sign up, enquiry or purchase) is what is know as conversion. Your website could (actually, no – make that should) have multiple conversion goals to support different stages in the buying cycle.

And if it's not happening on your website, the question is "Why?" and that's what this post is all about. But first things first.....

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One of the biggest challenges for any website owner or marketers is how to get more people to do something on your website whether it is buy, sign-up, download, subscribe or enquire.

Competing for that all-important attention from impatient website visitors can be a real head scratcher.  Enter pop-ups.

Historically pop-ups have a reputation as an annoying distraction, interfering with the user experience. Although they do have a bad reputation, but there is evidence that they a) work and b) done properly you can avoid annoying existing or potential customers.

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Google Analytics is a great tool. Powerful. Free for small businesses. It's a million times better than AWStats or other similar free reporting tools that come with website hosting.

But it's not perfect. There are some serious issues that have escalated recently to the point where you just can't take the statistics at face value.

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The original working title for this post was “Landing pages for long tail keywords and service pages – a little utilised SEO goldmine”.  I looked at it and thought to myself, what a bunch of jargon – no one will know what you are talking about!

So I changed it, but the gist is that a single concept you can apply to your website will improve your visibility in Google.  And as a result, you will get more visitors.

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How can you tell if you are doing everything you can get make your website as visible and attractive to Google as possible - in other words so it is 'search optimised'?

Don't just ask your web designer/developer.  A lot of them say yes without understanding anything about SEO.  And don't ask someone who has an interest in selling you SEO services!

So, how can you tell?

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Everyone knows when a website has been hacked, right? It will have a message saying 'hacked by' – right? Wrong.

The scars might be invisible to the average site visitor and the owner not even know their website has been compromised. Think that little old New Zealand minding it's own business isn't a target? Wrong again.

How do you know if your website has been a victim of an attack ? How do you fix it? And more importantly, how do you prevent it having serious repercussions for your business?

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