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Adwords is a Pay Per Click (PPC) search advertising program. This means you only pay when someone clicks on your Ad.

When set up and managed properly, Google Adwords can be an extremely cost effective way of attracting visitors to your website, and can achieve results almost instantly. Clicks can cost less than a dollar each, although certain industries (such as insurance, loans, dieting, weight-loss, training etc) are more competitive so you will most likely have to pay more.

Google is by far the dominant search engine in New Zealand, and it is relatively easy to set up a Google Adwords campaign, but getting the best results does take time, effort and knowledge.

Benefits of Advertising with Google Adwords

  • Get in front of people who want what you have – you can display your ad only when it matches people's search terms that are relevant to your business
  • Get started within hours - once the ball's rolling, you can see leads coming in within days, if not hours
  • You control the cost - Set a budget that's right for you – you control how much you pay each day – if you only want to spend $10.00 a day you can.
  • Pay only for results – you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.
  • Improvements are instant - you can see what works (and what doesn't) and adapt to what your market is doing by improving your campaign in real time.

While Adwords can be set up by anyone with the time and motivation, getting the best results needs a professional touch.

The Essentee Adwords Management Process:

  • Identify services or products on which to base the campaign
  • Research keyword search terms relevant to these products or services
  • Set budget, geographic locations and ad type
  • Set up campaign landing page
  • Set up Google Analytics
  • Create Ad groups around keyword 'buckets' and include negative keywords
  • Create ads - two per Ad group to begin
  • Test ad versions and keywords
  • Measure, monitor and refine
  • Report results

What does it Cost

Unlike many Adwords agencies, we don't bundle the cost of clicks together with our management fee. Bundling means the real cost(s) are often being hidden.

For you to get complete control and visibility of your campaign costs:

  • We charge our management fee to you directly
  • You pay ad costs directly to Google

There will be a (one-off) set up cost dependant on the size of your campaign and whether we create a campaign landing page or microsite for you.

The ongoing management fee is dependant on the size of your campaign, but start as little as $159 per month. There is a minimum term of three months for managed campaigns - read why.

This includes a monthly report on performance and active management of the campaign. Which means we will actually look at it and tweak it. We'll also ask you questions about your business, your customers and your offer.

Management of Google Adwords campaigns can also be included in our monthly management packages.

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Client words...

As a first time potential website owner who wanted some professional design input we embarked on the usual routine of web-trawling for suitable website design consultants. After interviewing the ‘top end and highest priced’ designers and the subsequently elicited ‘how much?’ responses, we found Essentee, who provide a fixed-fee service.

From the first contact we found Sandra to be attentive, focused, understanding and responsive to our unique needs.  She took away our brief and produced an initial proposal which was exactly right: simple, focused, appropriate. 

Throughout the subsequent development and tweaking, Sandra and Tony provided just the right amount of corrective suggestions such as to direct us to a solution that resulted in what, to us, is a first class website that speaks the words we wanted to say in the way we wanted it said. No dramas, no patronising, just patient understanding and coaxing.

If you are a website virgin, look no further: Sandra and Tony will ease your passage and you will emerge the other end with a smile and a beautiful new-born website!

Dave at Reveal Building Consultants Ltd