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Do you want to keep up with beat your competition?

A Competitor Comparison is a review that focuses on working out the tactics of your biggest competitors. You find out what they are doing - so you can do it better.

Why you should worry about the competition.

On the internet, your site is what makes you stand out. Or not.

People shop around.

You need to know how you stack up against the competition, see what prospective customers are seeing and know what to do to win them over.

Shouldn't I just do what I do better?

Of course, striving for excellence should be a goal of any business.

But the reality is that the web is a competitive environment. It's between you and everyone else with a website that does what you do, not just the ones in the same city or suburb.

If you know what your customers experience when they shop around, it will give you a better idea of where to focus your improvement efforts.

Here's what's involved.

We review your biggest competitor's site in depth, and two more in general. These would be organisations that have a similar offering and is targeting the same audience you are.

And if you don't know who your competition is - we'll find that out for you.

What you get:

A report highlighting strengths, and the areas you need to improve and includes:

  • Your search engine performance (where you rank)
  • Your competitors search performance (where they rank)
  • Paid advertising activity
  • Analysis of each of your competitors - style, structure, content, use of social media and more
  • Specific actions on how you could compete including recommended search phrases
  • If you want to extend the report to a wider competitive context, let us know - we can scope a custom report for you!*

The report will tell you not just what other businesses are doing, but specifically what you need to do to be the best.

It's an improvement roadmap.

For a small investment of $799.00* plus GST, you get a path to more sales. What is the value of these sales to you?

Here's what people are saying:

The analysis was very comprehensive and showed us what search terms people were using to find our services. It was a really interesting exercise, it showed us what our competitors are doing and what we need to do to better to win the business!

They gave us a very clear list of what to do, it means we can just get on and do it.

Sharon Main - Aspire Group

But I'm too busy to worry about the other guys!

Exactly the reason why you need to make sure all your efforts are focused in the right direction.

Few businesses can say they wouldn't like more customers.

Being better means more visitors, more enquiries, more sales!

How do I get started?

Just Contact Us to order your report.

It's as simple as that.

*Small business report. Enterprise Competitor Comparison reports or reports with extended scope will be costed on request.

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Essentee redesigned my website. The new site looks professional and everyone who has seen it says it looks great! Because there is more content on the site, it shows off a broader product range. This redesign has been in conjunction with ongoing search optimisation work Essentee has been doing for us.

Immediately after the new site went live we began to get enquiries from new customers!

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