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Compare the features of our website design packages if you want to get an idea of cost and what comes as standard with all our website development projects.

If your site is under-performing you'd want to find out what to do about it, right?

A performance review will take an overall look at your website from a design, structure, content and search visibility perspective. This will tell you exactly what on your site needs a tune, a tighten or thrown out and replaced.

Over 70 individual factors are scrutinised!

We look to see if your site is optimised for conversion by:

  • Including navigation that is easy to use
  • Targeting customers needs
  • Being clear on benefit statements and USP's (unique service proposition)
  • Clear on exactly what you want them to do
  • Visually attractive and well laid out

And that it has

  • well written, relevant text
  • high quality, relevant images
  • information that will build trust

We check to see if it is optimised for visibility in Google:

  • targets your keywords correctly
  • is coded to be visible to the search engines

And that it is technically sound:

  • It performs consistently across a range of user environments
  • It loads fast
  • There are no broken links or functionality

We will provide to you a written report with recommendations on what to fix.

Don't waste time and money on quick and easy fixes that might not work!

If you are wondering:

  • Why isn't anyone buying anything?
  • Why aren't I getting any calls?
  • Am I getting value for money?
  • Should I get my site completely redesigned?
  • Should I invest in that social media or search marketing campaign?
  • What should I tell my web developer to do?

Then a General Website Audit is for you - Contact Us to get started!

Here's what people are saying:

Thanks so much for your audit. It's really valuable in that you have targeted the very things that I have neglected- i.e. case studies and proof of professionalism. Also that I should be focusing on keeping existing clients revisiting the site - an area for further work.

K Browne

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Client words...

Essentee redesigned my website. The new site looks professional and everyone who has seen it says it looks great! Because there is more content on the site, it shows off a broader product range. This redesign has been in conjunction with ongoing search optimisation work Essentee has been doing for us.

Immediately after the new site went live we began to get enquiries from new customers!

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