Essentee specialise in building and managing, websites for companies that offer services.

Financial advisers, accountants and bookkeepers, IT and telecommunications providers, tourism operators, builders, insurance specialists and not-for-profit organisations are among our clients.

You get someone who knows what is needed to make this type of site effective, not generalists who can build all/any type of site and will give you one-size-fits all advice.

For our managed clients, we only have one type of business in an industry speciality or location - so there is no conflict of interest and none of your competitors will be getting the same treatment.

We're also incredibly witty and funny. No, really! Oh, Ok maybe not, but we do like projects to be stimulating and fun for both us and our clients. Find out more about the team.

All our sites are made right here in New Zealand using only 100% organic, free range, home grown pixels.

Our marketing activities are based on local experience. Many of the methods employed in the UK, Australia or the US don't work the same way here.

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P.O.Box 34588 Birkenhead, Auckland 0748

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Client words...

I have crossed paths with quite a few different IT and Website development companies over the years, having worked for a large number of companies. When the need arose for assistance in my current employ, Essentee was the first that came to mind.

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