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The secret to success: Web Mastery

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"Mastery is about creating what one wants in life and in work"

  • Have you built a website, sat back and waited for 'the magic' to begin only to be disappointed?
  • Do you have a website that just isn't getting the results you hoped for?
  • Overwhelmed by the do-it-yourself information and can't figure out which advice to follow?

Like fine dining, you can't throw a few ingredients together and hope something amazing will happen - but now you can take control and find out how to make it right.  

Who's Web Mastery for?

  • Business owners who want to know more about online marketing
  • Sales, marketing and support people who want to know more about online marketing
  • Web masters who want to develop their knowledge outside their own business context
  • Developers who want to know a bit more about the marketing side

What will you get?

One 'lesson' once a week over 14 weeks, in easily digestible chunks straight to your email in-box.

Each week you will get:

  • A lesson focusing on one topic
  • Actions for you to do
  • Additional reading to help develop your knowledge

7 reasons you'd be crazy not to sign up for Web Mastery today

  1. You can relax in the knowledge that you've just taken the first step toward a better website
  2. You will learn proven tactics that will grow your business
  3. You will get it in easily digestible chunks, so you learn better
  4. Even if you decide to get someone to help you, you'll be more informed and be able to discard the snake-oil salesmen who promise a lot and deliver little
  5. It's delivered right to you so you can learn when and where it suits you - even in your jammies
  6. No catches, no obligation, nothing but net.
  7. It's free.

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Why are you offering this free course?

One of our Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAG) is to help New Zealands Economy grow – by helping small businesses market their business online with their website as a hub (or heart, if you prefer!).

We love seeing our clients grow. And as one client said "I don't mean to sound rude – but this stuff really works!".

But for many reasons, not all business owners or marketers can use us to help them. One reason is the desire or need to do it themselves. For this they need to learn how to DIY.

There's a lot of free stuff out there, I hear you say. But a lot of the advice is not going to work because:

  • It's a wolf in sheep's clothing – promising much but delivering very little. Sometimes the only bottom line growing is the people peddling their wares.
  • It is designed to help bloggers whose business is based on  advertising or affiliate marketing elements – there is nothing wrong with this, but their business model is not everyone's business model
  • The advise comes from bigger economies like the US or the UK, or uses examples from the corporate world.  These don't always translate well  to strategies that work in smaller businesses, or economies like New Zealand

Some of what we hear is just downright false or simply crazy!

Why didn't you write an e-book I could download?

Because there is a lot of information to absorb. Internet marketing is no silver bullet. Rather than write an e-book, a course provided online in learning chunks is a much more effective way for people to get and absorb the information they need.
We've built the course in such a way that each week builds on the previous. Each one becomes a foundation upon which the next piece becomes much more effective.

And because it is delivered to you, you can do it any time, any where, as it is convenient for you.

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